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"Runegame Goddess" Viking Page



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  • From the "Hávamál"

      "I began to thrive, to grow wise,
      To grow greater, and enjoy;
      For me words led from words to new words;
      For me deeds led from deeds to new deeds."
    In this section, all things "Viking" or connected to it will be the main focus. With links to Religion, Mythology, Eddas, Sagas and Runes. Art, Culture, and Ships. Museums, Reenactments and, yes, even Games.

    Kom Du Sael!

    On, as Laurie "the DeepMinded", I am often asked where do I get all this knowledge to post in "The Vikings" board there?

    As the quote from the Hávamál explains, I caught the reading "bug" early while growing up in the 50s. My parents had a huge library on various subjects to read and learn from. History and Science became my joy. While Hollywood was producing many great old fashioned historical "Epics" back then, I learned early what was "real" from "reel" from my readings. To fill in any gaps that came up or glossed over while appreciating what ones that tried to "get it right".

    Then came the movie "The Vikings". Based on Edison Marshal's well researched historical novel of the same name, this movie roused hearts and minds with it's visuals of Viking Life while capturing their spirit as well. While spawning a host of later movies and books, "The Vikings" also helped revive interest in this period to help dispell many of the old popular misconceptions. That the Norse were just a bunch of "blood thirsty, plundering "rednecks" with great axes. Well, some were. But there were also great warriors, jarls and kings. The Vikings were also lawgivers and arbitrators. Fine craftsmen/women, artisans and merchants. Farmers, explorers and townsfolk whose influences reach far across the centuries.

    Also would be trivilizing Asatru's steady growth as a religion and way of life to say the movie started it all. As a historical researcher, Living history reenactor and Asatru Gythja, it most certainly did not.

    Like the Great World Tree, Yggdrasil, the Asatru Community has deep roots that are well understood by those of us who travel "The Way" of knowledge and wisdom.

    Examples of RUNE use

    In the Elder Edda, the oldest form ("Elder Futhark") was discovered by Odin (Wodan) who taught their "mysteries" to those in Midgard. Tacitus records their use by the Teutons from at least the 1st Century BCE but it's use is far older. It was used by the Proto Norse and Germanic Migration Tribes from the 2nd to 8th Centuries CE. The Vikings carried it further in their wide faring travels. Found carved on artifacts as varied as tally sticks and clog calendars. Jewelry and weapons. Runestones and combs. To be written in Medieval/Rennisaince manuscripts, it has proved to be a very hardy "alphabet".

    Historically "Risted" (carved) on all forms of materials, most known examples survive written on stone or metal. Only a few found carved or written in other perishable materials (wood, bone, parchment, et.c), exist. But even after the later adoption of the Latin Alphabet, the Runes were still used in parts of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries well into the 19th Century.

    A new revivial and popularity came after translating and publishing translations of both Eddas from their original languages by Old Norse scholars. This brought more respect for the Vikings and their Sagas to place them on par with traditional "Classical Studies". This popularity has kept going well into the 20th Century as more research and excavations about Viking life and culture showed them to be quite literate. The popularity of Runes still continues today whether for secular or sacred use.

    October 4,2006

    New Runestone for Kongernes Jelling Denmark!
    By Erik den Røde (Sandquist) Runestone Carver

    Started May 2003 Completed May 2005
    Click on image to view how he carved it using tradtional tools!

    Asatru Links
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    · : Asatru Alliance
    · : Asatru Folk Assembly
    · :The Odinic Rite
    · :Irminsul Aettir
    · :Northvegr Félag
    . :The Troth

    · :Ásatrúarfélagid (Iceland)
    · :De Noordse Traditie
    · : Åsatrufellesskapet Bifrost
    · : Sveriges Asatrosamfund
    · : Forn Siðr Danmark

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