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  • The Game

    RUNE is a third-person perspective game of intense action and adventure steeped in a blend of Norse mythology and high fantasy. Players will have to use their brains as well as their massive brawn to survive as they explore the fully 3D game world fighting off fantastic creatures from both Norse legend and the fertile minds of the Human Head staff with their array of swords, axes and magical devices.

    The game focuses on equal parts melee combat and exploration, with levels ranging from a Viking town to the caverns of the Dwarves to a city in the mountains. Players will have access to a wide array of melee weapons based both in fact and fantasy as Ragnar delves deeper into the realms of myth and further from his old reality.


    Human Head has licensed Epic Games' Unreal Tournament engine and made several enhancements to it, including a skeletal animation system, a new particle effects system, and an enhanced shadowing system. Human Head created these enhancements to develop worlds with reactive elements, natural outdoor environments and realistic cavern-like settings. The scalable shadowing system accurately casts over uneven surfaces and around edges and allows players to turn shadows on or off specific characters. The skeletal animation system allows for incredibly lifelike animations whereby game characters react to wounds, enemies and their environment. The particle system effects include fire and flame, smoke and dust cloud effects.

    Rune includes a full single player 45 Level game as well as several multi-player levels allowing players to cooperate or compete as Viking warriors using different "skins", whether provided by Human Head or custom made. The title also features:

    • Dramatic 45 level single-player story game that carries players across several environments from the darkest depths to the highest Nordic mountains
    • Multiplayer capabilities including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
    • 25 immersive levels
    • 15 weapons including a battle ax, two-handed sword, magical weapons, throwing axes and warhammers
    • Torches that lead the way throughout Rangar's epic journey and that can even be used as a weapon
    • Enemies from a host of races including dark Vikings, underground creatures, man-eating fish, goblins and a mysterious super race
    • Combat system lets players take weapons from their defeated opponents
    • Visual inventory that allows the character to see available weapons at a glance

    Improvements and Additions since release

    In 2002, a year after initial release, Human Head Studios released "Rune: Halls of Valhalla" Multiplayer Expansion Pack with several totally new skins, new MP gameplay ("Arena" and "Headball", new maps, meshes and more.

    During this time, Westlake was contracted to make a Mac version of RUNE and RuneHOV. At the same time Loki Productions made a LINUX version. Later the PS2 Console version, "Rune:Viking Warlord", was developed with some additions not found in the PC/Mac versions and some levels were made by Tod McFarlane of SPAWN fame.

    Jetrell's "Thieves Guild SP Mod" 2011 to present April 2012

    Jetrell and his "Thieves Guild Mod Team" On@n@, Durus, mute_box and other contributors) have been working on this ambitious, new Single Player Mod for Rune v1.07.

    Thieves Guild is a singleplayer mod, which was loosely inspired by Thief: The Dark Project, a game that was originally developed by Looking Glass Studios. In order to play this mod you will need to have Rune, which is another great game that was developed by Human Head Studios.

    The Story: The player will take on the role of a thief working for the local thieves guild in a dark and corrupt city during an obscure mystic age. The player will be given a series of dangerous nocturnal missions to complete and if successful you will gain extra items and wealth. But in order to be successful you will need to learn how to creep silently down shadowy alleyways, scale guarded buildings, overcome treacherous traps, pick open locks and all the while you will need to avoid capture from the city guards and night patrols.

    Background: This series was designed as a stealthy thief adventure and not as a hack and slash game. The player should try to employ stealth strategy, and other thieving skills such as, avoidance, hiding in shadows, stealing, climbing and jumping before resorting to unsheathing your dagger.

    What's new: There are new monsters, weapons, magic items, mechanical and non-mechanical devices, scripting, textures, and music. There are also treasure chests with locks and keys, flags that blow in the wind, lots of early Victorian architecture and atmosphere with new special effects like "shadow zones" and "thief sense". In addition there are many other surprises locked away and just waiting to be discovered. This mod is currently comprised of ten individual maps but that number might and probably will increase by the time it’s ready for release. I'll continue to post new updates with more information, screenshots, and videos in the upcoming days and weeks.

    "The day is for honest men, the night for thieves."
    ~ Euripides (484 B.C. - 406 B.C.), Iphigenia in Tauris, circa 412 B.C.

    Update: Jetrell's "Thieves Guild Mod": On@g@ has made a German Language Tutorial Video and uploaded it to YouTube Here
    The English translation Script of the German Commentary Download Link

    Rune in Portuguese | March, 2008

    There is an ongoing project to translate RUNE and its RuneEd for Portuguese players. Rune was all ready translated into German, French and Italian versions before initial release but there were no Spanish or Portuguese versions. Most players across the world play the game in the translations mentioned or, more often, in its English version. The project is being done by an avid Rune player, +Walleck+, a GameVicio Brazil translator, who felt Rune's popularity and "cult status" deserved this treatment for this growing video gaming community.

    Since 2003, there has been a explosion of video gaming amongst Spanish and Portuguese players. However, there are very few games translated for this new player base. GameVicio Brasil has been in the forefront of providing Portuguese speaking players Game News as well as translating PC and Console video games for companies to meet the demand.

    You can read about his progress through his Projeto de Tradução do Rune website. Also through his GameVicio Brazil forum subject Rune thread

    Rune in Portuguese Update August 10, 2008

    GameVicio Brazil has released the Rune Portuguese Translation Mod for downloading!

    Official Patches 1.06 and 1.07 are required to install properly and prevent any technical problems if your RUNE 1.00 is English version. OR you can use the European patch.

    Any questions about problems installing will be answered through their GameVicio "Rune" Suporte Técnico Observação

    Local para discutir problemas técnicos com a tradução do jogo Rune Para instalar a tradução:
      1) Instale o jogo normalmente.
      2) Aplique os patches 1.01, 1.06 e 1.07.
      3) Para finalizar, execute o arquivo de instalação da

    GameVicio Brazil's "RUNE in Portuguese" Download Page:

    GameVicio Brazil: "RUNE Portuguese Mod"
    More mirrors will be posted as they appear!

    Next Translation Project is HOV

    Rune Co-op v1.2 | 12/26/01

    A 45 level Co-op made by Dark with a team of Runegame community coders and mappers with the help of Human Head Studios was released shortly after. The developers did not have a chance to add this Mod to RUNE. However when HH learned of Dark's efforts, they graciously gave help and expertise to get this done. Based on the original SP game, many levels were altered for cooperative play with some new ones included. Also in the later 1.2 version, new monsters were included and additional improvements made.

    A Mac and Linux version have been made since then. This was released by Dark as a free download to the Rune player community.

    EVilDick's 20 Map Coop [Rune 1.07]
    This original Coop Campaign includes 20 maps (3 secretmaps included) now and it splits into diffrent ways 2 times (this way you can play it twice without getting bored). He also optimized the older maps (from the pre-release)."

    May 31, 2010 On@g@'s Rune Co-op (Rune HoV 1.08)

      You awake in a small pub in a mountain pass called "Beruga"
      The pub host will kick you out because you drink enough.
      Without evil thoughts you help the one or other residents
      until the Trainer of Beruga sends you on your adventure...
      The adventure to "Save Valhalla from Onaga"....
    Thus begins the Saga of this 18 level with 34 maps original Coop Campaign that On@g@ calls "Valhalla belongs to On@g@". Four levels are split into additional maps to help push the adventure along and the 34 map total includes six "secret maps". The Mod includes two "Readme.txt" in German and English to help with installation and any information. This 115 megabyte Mod download also comes with new music, sounds, four special AI characters and a host of other goodies to add to your Rune Co-op gaming pleasure with your friends.

    On@g@ suggests this Mod should be played by two (2) or more players as many level and/or map tasks require this minimum to get through them. Although some levels can be played in "single player" mode, there are some maps you cannot finish without a partner. There is only one setting...Hard and even for two beginner players, it will be a challenge. In otherwords, this mod is very much a "Co-operative" game experience.

    On@g@ wishes to send special thanks to (BDC)ScorpheuS, Blitznuckel, mute_box and especially to Galil "aka Bongo" for their skills, talents and advice where is was needed.
    On@g@ Rune Hov Co-op Updated Link February 27, 2011

    March 22, 2007 VR48 Rune Co-op Test Package

    Although not a complete mod and still in testing, this still important enough to add to this list of the popular Rune Co-op Mods Although it is not necessary to have Dark's Rune Co-Op mod installed, VR48 thinks it works better with it so recommends using them in game or in RuneEd Co-Op Maps. It should be standalone, and not requiring classes of Coop.u, but he is not exactly sure, because while sub-classing and removing sub-classes constantly, he needs the Community to to try the package out other than than himself.

    The Package contains a host of new weapons including Spears, OrcHammer and more. Others are modifications of existing ones. with New animations to use these in combos. This also includes shields and runes.
    New monsters with their own special additions.

    Here is what the Package holds and explanations:

    1) Extract rar file. Drop .u files into Rune\\system folder.
    2) Open Rune.ini and add these lines beside the ServerPackages:


    Definitions of individual packages

    A set of weapons and shields. These weapons have been subclassed from default rune weapons. They contain mixed combo-attack animations, moving animations, damage, size (or drawscale) and other changes implemented for added Rune game experience. Some weapons & shields within this package are finished - others are in experimental stages and are prone to changes or removal. As the VR48 weapons are high in damage [doubled from their default classes], combos and size, it's runepower properties are weak and high in requirement. The default runepowers are still there, but the runepower requirement is high and the effects last only for 1 second, meant for dire-use only.

    Viking Long Sword: Modified version of vikingshortsword. It has a 4 way combo backwards and forwards moving that has very quick recover time upon the 4th combo execution (removed DReturn animation). It's drawscale is .5 or more bigger as is it's damage. Good range of attack.

    Viking Two-Handed Sword: Modified version of vikingbroadsword. This sword cannot be equipped with a shield, and is too heavy to be thrown well. It however has a large drawscale with well placed weapons animations and combos - all sweep-type attacks. Excellent range of attack.

    Heavy Roman Sword: Modified version of romansword. This sword cannot be equipped with a shield and is too heavy to be thrown well. It however has a large drawscale, has default runepower properties and runepower demand for "Fire Sword", and is comprised of beheading combos - with quick-end recovery. Good range of attack.

    Large Mace: Modified version of rustymace. This mace is heavy, but can be thrown to some degree. It has a .5 or higher added drawscale. It is comprised of combos with very quick-recovery time, which can be used to combo into a new combo-set. Example: Forward 4-attack combo, expanding into a strafe-attack, almost imediately. Considered a sort of free-form melee fighting-weapon in the hands of the right Rune player. It's size makes it stowable on the backside: MELEE_STOW_AXE. Ok range of attack.

    Triple Edged Mace: Modified version of trialpitmace. This mace is medium weight, and can be thrown to medium extent. It follows same free-form concept of Large Mace, with different attack animations. It's .5 or higher in drawscale. It's size makes it stowable on the backside: MELEE_STOW_AXE. Decent range of attack.

    Giant Bone Club: Modified version of boneclub. This club is 2 in drawscale, making it massive from it's original. It's two-handed and cannot be used with shield. It's high in damage, and with it's lighter bone density, can still be thrown decently despite it's massive size. It's drawscale makes it have a high range.

    Orc Hammer [Experimental]: Modified version of dwarfworkhammer. Strafing attacks are sweeping attacks. Forward attack-animations are those of sigurdaxe, and backward attack-animations are those of forward attack-animations of dwarfworkhammer. Drawscale is 2, and is quite big. Damage is doubled, and 2 shots kills average foe if not one. Very good attack range. Excellent sweep range, due to strafing attack animations. It's size makes it stowable on the backside: MELEE_STOW_AXE. Decent range of attack. It's heavy and can barely be thrown, but to no avail.
    [Experimental Property]: It will be MELEE_NON_STOW in the future and sub-classed from nonstow, for balancing gameplay.

    Swift Viking Axe: Modified from vikingaxe. It's a two-handed no-shield axe with 2 or more drawscale. It has mixed attack animations with good recovery time on some. It is heavy, but can be thrown to some extent. It's attack range is good. It's sweep range is better.

    War Axe: Modified subclass of sigurdaxe. It's slightly larger in drawscale and damage. It's special values are quick attack animations and recovery time. Can barely be thrown. Very good attack range. Excellent sweep range. Fast for a two-handed axe.

    Titan Double-Sided Axe [Experimental]: Modified from sigurdaxe. It's drawscale is 2 or higher making it a monster to hold. It's damage is higher than double of sigurdaxe. Attack animations consist of sweeps and well balanced combos. Recovery time is poor, but makes up for it in attack range and sweep range immensely. It's jump attack is also sweepable, making it a devistating weapon. It's heavy and can barely be thrown, but to no avail.
    [Experimental Property]: It will be MELEE_NON_STOW in the future and sub-classed from nonstow, for balancing gameplay.

    Walking [Experimental]: A sort of bare-hand weapon, stowable in MELEE_STOW_HAMMER. Cannot be seen. Is mainly used if the player is a zombie model and wishes to walk like a zombie when idle. Good to use with alias: admin set playerzombie groundspeed 70. Is there just for gags.

    The shields in VR48 are larger in drawscale and has thousands in points to durability.

    All VR48 objects have a respawntime of 30000.

    GoldCoin [Experimental]: A subclass of rune, when picked up, displays a pickup message. No further options or code implemented yet. In the future it will be used for other projects relating to Rune RPG and currency.

    I didn't create this package, but I used it to subclass other weapons out of it.

    Spartan Spear: Modified version of spear.celticspear. It has sweep attacks and different moving stances. It is a very throwable weapon with good damage. It has good defensive attacks (when retreating or getting outnumbered) that have excellent recovery time and can be combo'd into other combos. Very good attack range. Good sweep range.

    Spartan Shield [Experimental]: Modified version of vikingshield2, but is part of spear package. High in drawscale and durabity.


    Giant Zombie [Boss]: A gigantic zombie that wields a modified Viking Axe with damage as vast as the size of the axe - which is a lot. Meant for 2 or more players, to take it down one must bring it down while the other attempts to cut it's head off. Decent range of attack. Good sweep range.

    VR48 Cyclops [Boss]: A borrowed subclass of Cyclops this cyclops wields an axe similar to that of the Giant Zombie, but with more maneuverability and combos - same damage however. This cyclops has more health. Huge range of attack. Very good sweep range.

    Sark_A & Sark_S Series: A slightly larger sark, with re-programmed and tweaked AI. The Sark_A uses axe-type and the Sark_S uses sword-type weapons of the VR48 package. When its enemy is coming at it, it attacks in advance forcing the player to either back away or get hit with the tip of the sark's weapon, making the sark almost unreachable and difficult in skill level. The sark uses defensive-positioning tactics that force the opponent into a retreating-state or shield-defending state, everytime. 3 or more players are recommended to take this foe down. The VR48M Sarks use weapons that have sweeping attack-animations, covering an almost 360 degree attack range. Meant for experienced Rune players. Highly dangerous in numbers. They also hold a MagicShield (shield created when VikingShortSword runepower is used) that disappears upon the Sark's destruction. They can hold two-handed weapons and a shield for added protection. Health and armor rating is high. Good reflexes and response time. Good attack and sweep range.

    Sark_ABoss [Boss]: Holds a Titanic Double-Sided Axe [VR48 modified sigurdaxe] with great reach and damage, while wielding a MagicShield. Same AI battle-tactics as the Sark_* series, but with added armor and health rating. Tactical info to defeat this foe is too complex. It is easily seen by experienced Rune players - but not achieved. It has never been defeated without at least one player death, but it can be done. Good reflexes and response time. Good attack and sweep range.

    Sark_SBoss [Boss]: Currently uses a Triple Edged Mace [VR48 modified trialpitmace] and has same properties and toughness rating of Sark_ABoss. It uses quick uplift attacks of the mace, followed by roundhouse attacks, which makes this sark seldom rest between attacks. It's attacks are sometimes seen to fall into huge untouchable combos that barrage the opponent till his shield and health is gone or forces the player to back-off and take on a new strategy. Good reflexes and response time. Good attack and sweep range.

    This package will be updated, with documentation on this thread, until it is finalized into a version that is rigid enough to be uploaded to Rune hosting sites (like Until then, free filesharing hosts will be used for those who wish to play around with it.

    Usage: (In Game) [VR48]

    Usage: (In Game) [VR48M]

    Usage: (In Game) [Spear]

    VR48 would appreciate any questions, tips, or ideas from the Community. Please post them in his Rune Co-op Forum subject thread OR you can email VR48 at:

    Update 3/26/2007 Since this was released, this package has proved quite popular with quite abit of feedback. Due to the quick feedback from Rune players, VR48 has released a New Updated VR48 Rune Co-op Package


  • 1) Extract rar file. Drop .u files into Rune\\system folder.
  • 2) Open Rune.ini and add these lines beside the ServerPackages:


    Note: The package files below are optional packages


    Some Rune players have managed to defeat the VR48 Monsters quite easily with the new VR48 Weapons due to the sheer damage these weapons have. To offset this, VR48 has rebalanced and downplayed a few of them to make it more challenging for the user.

    Here are the various changes made:


  • Titan Double-Edged Axe (Experimental): This axe is now stowable
  • Orc Hammer (Experimental): This hammer is now NOT stowable
  • VR48 Monsters: ALL Health from monsters in this package has been greatly amplified.

  • Giant Zombie: Fixed a bug where upon decapitatiing the Giant Zombie, the head does not come off and duplicates another one as a "limbweapon"
  • Sark_SBoss: This boss now uses VR48 VikingTwoHandedSword.
  • [strangeaxe] NEW Addition

    Strange Axe: VR48 did not create this weapon but modified the original weapon of the author, though. He corrected some of the skeletal damage collisions and any drawscaling mistakes. Also scaled down the axe til the skelmodel clipped with the damage colliders. The axe has the attack animations of the VikingShortSword but does slightly more damage than the GoblinAxe. It's "Specialty" is it's Ghost Throw or GoblinAxePowerUp.
    The runepower demand is one (1) point and the staying power time is one second to be best used for it's plentiful "Rune PowerUp".
    Attack range is poor, attack speed is medium but the Throw range is Great!

    Useage: (In Game) Summon strangeaxe.(classname)

    Lastly, Documentation can now also be found within the download file

    This new Rune Co-op is proving to be quite a popular download. Haltyr has given VR48 (or any mapper) permission to use his own "EvilDick's Coop" Coop maps to add VR48's stuff to make for a playable mod!

    (Of course, Haltyr gives this, " long as I can test (and maybe improve) the result before release"

    VR48 really appreciates all the helpful imput Rune players have been sending him so far. Please keep it coming!
    You can include any comments, input or ideas in his Rune Coop Forum Thread or you can email VR48 at

    RuneBots v2b by eagleAR 4.6MB

    A Clamour for Bots ensued as these were so popular with UT players. As RUNE uses an Enhanced UnReal Engine, eagleAR began working on just such a mod. Released in 2003, this has proved to be immensely popular. With 14 new RB noded maps, it included some RBArena and RBHeadball maps for HOV use. The latest 2.0 version improvements:
    • The bots can use weapons, shields, health, runes.
    • Bots use Runes more often
    • The bots are much faster as compare to older ones.
    • Bots do spining attacks
    • HOV models supported
    • The bots now can change enemies
    • Multiple GUI styles
    • Multiplayer Online Play supported
    • Arena Game fully supported
    RuneBots will also play in non RB noded DM/Team/CTT maps (will not pickup Torches, though)

    Capture The Torch Made by Mhz Rocker improved by Lar

    Originally made by Mhz Rocker base on the UT mod of "Capture the Flag" and was later improved upon by Lar with a host of additional things. This is still one of the most popular MP mods, especially in Europe where RuneClan/Hordes play in a hundred of special custom CTT maps.


    WhyLabs "Tweaked Rune Racing"


    Want to take your Rune battles to the sky? You can with this addictive new mod from WHYLabs. Choose from five aerial maps and four spawnable critters (Beetle, Lizard, Dangler Fish and Bird). You can fly around at speeds varying from 50% of normal, to 220% up to 440% speed using the "super boost." Other features include Controllable Speed, Super Boost, a new Racing HUD and ACS (Anti Chat Spam) HUD.

    This unique, original mod was based on a SP cinematic where Ragnar gets away flying on the back of a beetle and many Runegamers have wanted to do the same. Developed by a family of avid players, ...Twofer, his brother Enfuego and Mrs. Chavez...Runegamers finally had this chance to go freewheeling dogfighting/jousting in several special TR maps that have been made beyond the five available in the download

    May 15, 2007 ArgonModv0.9 11.52mb

    This mod requires Rune: Halls of Valhalla version 1.08!

    After two years of work and LAN testing, Argon has released a fairly stable version of a new "Invasion gameplay" mod to the community for running in LAN or online and additional feedback. The mod consists of 4 mutators, which are all in beta or final stages. Called "ArgonInvasion" (for the main mutator) it is a form of invasion gameplay, with waves of monsters attacking the players.

    From Argon's announcement:
    The package contains a readme and manuals for each mutator, but here is a rundown of what the mutators do:

      This is the mutator that started it all. It's a form of invasion gameplay, with waves of monsters attacking the players. So far, it's been tested in DM and AR maps but requires the maps to have special actors to allow monsters to spawn without crashing the game. Several ArgonInvasion (AI) versions of stock maps have been included, as a way of demonstrating how easy it is to modify any map to support ArgonInvasion. By default, ArgonInvasion is designed to work with a server time limit of 10 minutes and no frag limit. The idea is to defeat the boss and kill all of the monsters before the time limit runs out. The other mutators in the package are configured to support this game format by default. Killing all the monsters ends the game, regardless of how much time is left. There are ini settings and presets to disable this functionality, so you can use ArgonInvasion to supplement standard Deathmatch gameplay with any timelimit or fraglimit you wish. Read the manual for more info.

      Adds randomized diablo-style weapons to the game. I guess there have been alot of mods like this. But ArgonWeapons is designed to work with ArgonInvasion and will give boss monsters special unique weapons. Also Argonweapons special effects (like poison) won't damage certain monsters (like sarks and zombies). Alternatively, Force weapons do extra damage to Rock Monsters and Golems. So basically, you get a better variety of gameplay by using these two mutators together.

      BTW, the "Arkmaster Bag" is an inside joke. You probably won't get it, unless you know us. ;-)

      This is a simple little mutator that overrides the distancefog in a map and allows the fog to change over time. Like the other mutators, this one is extremely configurable in the ini's.

      This mutator labels heads, so you can see whose head it is, and who took it, if the trophy was taken cleanly. The more sloppy the kill, the less information will be on the head, and the head may look dented, smashed, or just be a random chunk. To take clean trophies, you have to have a good solid whack with a sword or axe. Explosions, hammer-gibs, and other kinds of kills will produce a damaged head. You can also make heads not despawn by picking them up. Once you have picked it up, you can drop it and it will stay around forever, so players can start a head collection.
    Ok, there's the basics. Have fun and let me know what you think."

    Unzip these folders into your main rune folder, and it will put files where they need to be.

    If you want to get right into the game, start a Runematch server with Argoninvasion in your mutators list (and any other mutators you want), and then pick a map with an AI in its prefix (for instance, DM-AI-Ruins. Set your time limit to 10 and frag limit to 0, and click start. This will allow you to play Argoninvasion against waves of monsters without having to go online. In order to play online, you will need to find a server running the mod, or start one. You should put the ArgonInvasion (AI) maps in your map list as well, since Argoninvasion won't work on maps that aren't specifically modified to support it.

    Modifying maps to support Argoninvasion is easy and simply involves placing bossspawn and monsterspawn actors in them. These can be found in the Argoninvasion package.

    For detailed information about each mutator, including backstory and the Argonmod Mythos, check out the manual files also included in this zip.

    The package contains a readme and manuals for each mutator, but here is a rundown of what the mutators do:

    Argon asks for any and all feedback about his new Mod as he has gone as far as he could in LAN tests but released it to the community for YOUR input too. Be sure to post your comments in Runegame's "Editing & User Creations" ArgonModv0.9 subject link In the meantime, anyone running the mod and has any problems, Argon asks that they send him your rune.log to with any information.

    Updated May 18, 2007Argon Invasion Mod v0.91

    Argon has just released a new version of his "Argon Invasion Mod" after fixing a few bugs he encountered playing in Zisu's server. Only by playing the mod this way was he able to see these and now fix them. He asks
    that someone to test hitting players shields in a non-pvp game of invasion though.

    Argon changed his download link to a more generic one so he could replace the file without having to update all the links. Here is Argon's New Download Link

    Argon says:

      The version number is now v0.91 but I am giving each mutator a different version, for instance ArgonFog and ArgonTrophies are both v1.0 now because they are final versions.

    Argon Invasion Mod Requires VoiceOverSound.uax
    This file is from Retail RUNE Single Player Sound folder. Links provided below

    Argon continues:

      I did not put Voiceoversnd.uax in my zip file because it would make it too big. I did put a note in the readme along with a link so that people know they need it. Hopefully that's enough.

      I also modified DM-AI-Icecavern a bit. Basically, instead of having to turn the monsters on, they will already be on. The switches only control whether the Snowbeast trap works, which is pretty much the way the map is supposed to work.

      Let me know if the AI seems to be smarter. I commented out all the AI code hacks I had in place to stop early-version crashing. Hopefully all those hacks were obsolete and removing them doesn't cause crashes. Everything seems stable, but we'll see.

    As he says, All HOV 1.08 players MUST have VoiceOverSound.uax installed to play the "Argon Invasion" mod. When he made this, he assumed all versions already had this file. This is a RUNE SP file only used for the different voices/sounds in the game. HOV was released as a "standalone MP" only and does not have this file. This can be found in your Retail RUNE 1.00 or in your Retail RuneGold "Rune 1.07" SP Sound folder"

    . If you have HOV only, it will not be there.

    If you have HOV only, You can download this particular "SP only" sound file from Zisu's Download Redirection Site, Sockboy's =Runeiverse= and KalCorp's VAS RUNE website to run Argon's "Argon Invasion Mod v0.91"

    As Runegamers know, there are a few RUNE maps (non HOV) that need this .uax file to run properly. Also to play particular mods (i.e. Rune Coop, VAS Mod) where this SP only sound file and/or the "SongSnd.uax" sound file are needed from the Single Player game.

    Argon thanks all the people who have been playing the mod and sending him any input. Please continue so that anymore inprovements can be made.

    These are just a handful of over a hundred different mods/gameplays made for this game. Jailbreak, Seige, Viking Raid, Gangstas, KalCorp's Adventure/RPG "VasRune" Mod/Mutator series, DungeonMaster, Domination, Sarkball, MKP Mods (Jetpack Assault/Arena), Contra Mod v0.3, Haltyr's "Thirsty Vikings" , and Snowballfight Mod to name just a few.

    There are a few SP campaigns available for RUNE itself. EZKeel's 5 level "Nidavellir" and Fragmeat's 7 level "FR" SP maps were among the first large scale levels made in 2001. These can be found at Sockboy's =Runeiverse= and The most recent is the much longer Haltyr's/EvilDick's Unfinished SP Campaign which can be found in =Runeiverse= and "". (There are several Clan sites that also host these files as well, so be sure to check their "Download" pages too.) "Unfinished" only because Haltyr is still working on the beginning and intends to make this longer. Ever since the Headers were finally released late in 2004, there has been more interest by other mappers to make more SP campaigns.

    Update 1/17/06 Haltyr has just released the "Introduction" and his SP Campaign is now named "REINCARNATION : Curse Of The Bloodstone" with more levels on the way!

    Update 5/12/07 EZKeel's Rune Arena website is still maintained and where you can still download his SP-Nidavellir SP 5 level Map Pack directly. You will also find a seperate "Nidavellir Walkthrough" Page complete with screenshots and diagram to help you. Lastly, you will find five DM maps (DM Excelsior, DM Vidar's Tomb, DM Fathom, DM Raldor, DM Odin) in the same page as "SP Nidavellir".

    December 18, 2006 Dwarven Treasure Hunt SP Campaign
    Is a brand new 8 level Single Player Campaign made and released by Darkwolf (aka "BDC Killzone") As Darkwolf says : "8 levels of fun and ravaging bosses await u. Unzip the files and put them in your map section :) double click dm-dwarvenTreasureHunt1 and start the fun :)"

    (Since it's release, only one bug was found. When you finish Level 4, the teleport will not take you to level 5. So just double click onto Level 5 map to continue. All other teleporters before and after work properly)

    Although largely known as a MP Mapper as "BDC Killzone", Darkwolf was inspired by the efforts of past successes by EZKeel ("Nidviller" SP), Fragmeat (Making of an OdinsBlade), Keebma (GoblinGibz) and Haltyr/EvilDick (unfinished SP campaign) to attempt this. To become one of this small, but elite, list of contributors.

    Be sure to post any comments and suggestions in's Subject Thread: Dwarven Treasure Hunt Completed as he intends to make more.

    5/24/08 New SP/Coop Mod by Aligator!

    Crisis Conflict is new seven map Single Player/Coop mod with new music!

    A Story to play through with your Friends! DM-CrisisConflict is the StartMap You will start in a small Village... The NPCs will give you different Quests to do... Sometime you will leave the Village... and then? Go figure it out!

    New Single Player and/or Coop play mods are always welcome and this one looks very good indeed! Thanks Aligator!

      New links Coming soon!

    Maybe YOU might become inspired to add to Ragnar's adventures the Nine Realms!!


    There have been a few patches released since both RUNE and HOV came out. All fixed some minor and a few major bugs that have not prevented anyone from playing but have proved annoying. Three were for the Retail Version of RUNE itself: 1.01, 1.06 and 1.07.
    The first one dealt mostly with some minor bugs in RUNE 1.00. The last two were mostly improvements with the MP play and to make it more compatible with HOV.

    Two patches were made for HOV, 1.07 by Human Head Studios. Check the "Patches" link to find these for RUNE and HOV. The most recent is Zisu's 1.08 for HOV done with some help from Human Head Studios. The latter finally offered more stuff and improvements. But it also gave the most sought after treasures of RUNE playing: "Redirected Downloads" which meant no one had to wait too long for a map/mutators to go into your cache before entering a MP server. For those with dialup, this was like finding "Fafnir's Dragon Hoard".
    Although not made by Human Head Studios, they did give Full Authorization and Endorsement (along with some expertise) to Zisu's "WGW" Production Division in making it

    Maps, Mods, Skins and More!

    There are hundreds of Deathmatch, Teamplay, HoV Arena maps made for both RUNE&Rune:HOV. Scores of custom skins (both male/female), mutators and other additional stuff made by enthusiastic clan/horde mappers, skinners, and coders. The Runegame community is a small, close knit "horde" of several thousand players all over the globe. All finding common ground in their interest in Viking lore, love of the game and the unique fighting MP "in your face" gameplay with only hammer, sword and axe on our Cyber "Vigrid's Plain".

    Come back often as this list is updated regularily!

    Looking for "How To? tutorials? Or Fan-made Rune Maps, Mods, Skins, Textures, Art or More? Download from the following sites: