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  • Purpose

      This site is intended as my personal "Homepage" and "Rune Information Page" for all things concerning Human Head Studios' "RUNE"& "Rune:Halls of Valhalla" Computer Games where I find it.

      Updated on a regular basis, the Navigation Links will take you to pages for Maps, Mods/Mutators, Tutorials, RuneClans and more!

      What you may not find on Runegame's "Recent News" Homepage you may find through my site's own "Recent News" page currently under construction at this time. So check back often!

      Recent pages updated are the Homepage and "RuneMods" and "Viking Page" April 5, 2012. Added a new "Patches" page March 23, 2012 and changed the "Navigation" sidebar link to direct you to this new page instead of's. Yes, it still needs more work but I felt the information contained was important. So stay tuned!

      RunegameGoddess is now on Facebook!

      As Laurie"the DeepMinded",'s "Goddess", I administrate The Official Website of "RUNE" and "Rune:Halls of Valhalla" computer games developed by Human Head Studios

      Kazi_Wren, ("The Dark Mistress" and "Head Goddess/Admin") introduced me to Chris Rhinehart, Tim Gerritsen, Dave/Ted Halsted and the rest of the "Head Hunters" shortly after joining in February 2000.

      In November 1999, Kazi established the website as "Ragnarok: the Sanctioned Fansite of RUNE" after meeting and interviewing them as a freelance PC gaming writer for The website's facelift/name change came in September 2000 after Human Head Studios joined "Gathering of Developers" ("GoDgames") just before the release of the game in late October 2000.

      When not acting as "Runegame Goddess", I am resident "Viking Answer Lady" fielding any questions while maintaining a seperate forum onsite about my favorite subject:


      RUNE/HOV 12 and 11 years old respectively this October 2012. Both games have acquired a strong "cult" status across the globe. Not only with guys but also with a lot of hard playing, "Grrlgamers"/Valkyries too!!

      Retail versions of RUNE, HOV and "Rune Gold" (with Rune 1.07/HOV in one package) are still sold in general gaming outlets. At the lower prices on such outlets as, it fuels it's status with new players who have just discovered it or wondered why they never did before....and should have.

      With others, it is rediscovering it again to put back on their computers. All three versions are compatible with the new WinXP OS and run just fine on higher end, faster P4 machines. Macs included

      Of course, there are those who never took these games off (and quickly transferred it when changing computers)

      During these past years, I have learned alot about what goes on in PC games developement and gaming in general. Met alot of talented men and women in the website and just plain "gaming folk". Younger than I am (at age 57) and a few just as old...or older. But still young at heart. Found Maturity in the very young when everyone "outside" says otherwise about video gamers and PC games. But what do they know? I have seen more immaturity in those who should know better before, during and after the "usual outside" games.

      Overall, I enjoy interacting with the Runegame company as I watch over the site late at night til the wee mornings in forum boards. Or go hacking/slashing with my rural Dialup in the MP servers against the faster DSL/Cable Runegamers......and hold my own quite well actually.

      RUNE's "Chat" setup is considered one of the best and being able to "chat" with others from is both an honor and treat. "Chatkill" or no.

      No matter how often we "die" in the MP servers, like the Einherjar of Odin's Valhalla, we respawn to do battle joyously again. Taking heads, arms and "what have you" in just plain stress relieving fun with members of the hundreds of RuneClan/Hordes. Or go off adventuring in the Co-op or other similar mods with them. Then afterwards, go to visit other comrades in their home forums or back in's halls.

      So I raise a horn of Mead to all the many friends and comrades I have met
      See you in the forums and servers!

        Laurie "the DeepMinded"
        Moderator//Viking Myth Goddess/Admin

        Send Feedback or Info to: Runegamegoddess

      Human Head Studios launches Official Rune Facebook Page! April 17, 2012

      If you didn't know already by is the official notice: Human Head Studios has launched its Official Rune FB page!

      You can find it here: Official Rune Facebook Page

      Be sure to Sail Over to "Like It", fill out the Surveys and post your comments!

      RunegameGoddess is now on Facebook!

      On@g@'s German Language Tutorial/Video for Jetrell's "Thieves Guild Mod"April 5, 2012

      Jetrell's "Thieves Guild Mod" update; On@g@ has made a German Language Tutorial Video and uploaded it to YouTube Here. He also created an English translation Script of commentary. You can download it Here. Website and Forums down due to Server Issues April 5, 2012 is still down. However, Human Head Studios has decided to continue plans creating a New Official Website called Rune World to keep the community engaged and not leave Runeplayers in the lurch without a replacement site. They are working hard to restore the old content but it may take a while longer and are asking for your continuned patience. You can find the new hosted site here: At present, you will only see a "holding page" Website and Forums down due to Server Issues Feb. 6, 2012 to Mar. 20, 2012

      As of this writing (March 20, 2012), and its' forums have been down since February 6, 2012. After making the initial report, I was notified this was due to server issues. So it may take awhile before "Loki's Spawn" are completely tracked down, then duly hammered into submission and the annoying minions rechained. Human Head Studios has been notified and kept updated with any updates that have been sent to me to pass along.

      I really appreciate all the concerned letters and my heartfelt "Thanks" to you all for being so patient during this long wait. In the meantime, be sure to check back often for any updates. Also for any new added material that will be appearing here as soon as possible (i.e Jetrell's "Thieves Guild Mod", Onaga's Coop, Tutorials and more!)

      RunePubScr100 "Headers" Released! Aug. 23,2009

      In's Editing & User Creations, Chris Rhinehart, Chief Head of Human Head Studios has posted this important announcement

        We are pleased to finally release the long-awaited headers for Rune 1.00!

        More so than anything, we are pleased that the Rune community is thriving, with new, exciting projects on the horizon. We hope that the release of these headers will help out these new projects as well as reinvigorate old projects.

        Please see Help\ReadMeSrc.htm for more information on compiling/using the headers.

        Special thanks to the following people who helped get these headers going:
        - Laurie Wise: the ultimate Rune Game Goddess, who does an incredible amount on the website and helped facilitate these headers coming to life
        - Hawkeye, Del, and Zora: For testing the headers and ensuring that they are solid and ready for use. Thanks, all!

        The headers can be downloaded from HH's website:

        Chris Rhinehart
        Human Head Studios Website and Forums Return! Feb. 23, 2009

      Yes, the site and forums are back up and running! My heartfelt "Thanks" to the Take2/Rockstargames techs for making this happen! Website and Forums down for routine maintenance Feb. 20, 2009

      Since late evening Feb. 19, 2009, Take2/Rockstargames webmaster has been performing needed server maintenance. Why the website and Forums have been down. As soon as the maintenance is done, the site will be back and running.

      RUNE Portuguese Language Mod August 10, 2008

      GameVicio Brazil has released the Rune Portuguese Translation Mod for downloading!

      After many months of hard work Walleck and Costa_PT announces that the RUNE in Portuguese Translation Project is done!

      Just as Rune was translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian originally for those markets. This 20.81MB RUNE Portuguese Language Mod allows Brazilian and/or Portuguese gamers to play RUNE in their own language.

      Official Patches 1.06 and 1.07 are required to install properly and prevent any technical problems if your RUNE 1.00 is English version. OR you can use the European patch.

      Any questions about problems installing will be answered through their GameVicio "Rune" Suporte Técnico Observação (RUNE Technical Support) Or post your question in's Technical Support & Spoilers forum.

      GameVicio Brazil's "RUNE in Portuguese" Download Page:

      Sun - Jun 08, 2008

      Rune 7th Anniversary Contest Winners!

      posted: 08:00 am by: Laurie
      First, the judges want to thank all the artists, writers and mappers who contributed to the Rune 7th Anniversary Contest with such wonderful and imaginative work!

      Out of a total of 30 submissions in the three categories (Art, Fiction and Maps) there are 16 Winners!

      "Why 16 you ask?"
      With so many good entries in Art (11) and Maps (15) and Fiction having only 4 submissions, it was decided to open these categories up to add a sixth winner for an extra prize.

      Also, it was decided to include a "Honorable Mention" placement too. There is no prize here but it was felt the ones mentioned should get an extra "Viking Shout of Appreciation"

      So in no particular order, "The Winners Circles" and the "Honorable Mentions" in each of the three Categories are:


      • Viking Concept by Swarainiz
      • Ragnar Holding Head by Seth Hendrick
      • Blood Hunter by S3RG3J
      • Hrist by LiquidC
      • Kraken by Eric Peterson
      • Wendol Trap by POKRISHKA
      Honorable Mention:
    • CATS by Lawrence "Warlawk" Stahl

    • Fiction (Four Submissions Only)
      • Seven Days to the Wolves by Victor Hurtado (guilt)
      • Vikings by DonPedro
      • Rudolf by Darkwolf
      • "Untitled" by KeinesV
      • DM-Constable by ArmanX
      • DM-Necropolis by CauldronBorn
      • DM-Wrath by by Hrothgar "Jaret"
      • DM-NorthernLights][ by Haltyr
      • AR-OedeTall by On@g@
      Honorable Mention
    • DM-Sinister by =iNi=Deliverance
    • The judges want to emphasize that these entries as not "better than each other" as if in a (numbered) hierarchy". Why they are presented unranked and in no particular order.

      They are equal winners, just as there are equal prizes.

      The Winners and Honorable Mentions have been put up in the Website. In the meantime, you can visit and comment in the Rune 7th Contest Winners!! subject thread

      Sat - Mar 01, 2008

      Rune 7th Anniversary Contest Starts!!

      posted: 02:19 am by: Laurie
      That's Right!!! It starts today!!

      Rune 7th Anniversary Contest!!

      Hello, Rune fans around the world! Got a good Viking level, drawing, or story on the brain? Then get it down and digital and submit it to the Rune 7th Anniversary Contest!

      To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Rune's release, Human Head Studios,, and are sponsoring a taking-all-comers contest for original creative content based on themes, characters, and environments from the Rune universe.

      Prizes: The T-Shirts

      There are fifteen equal prizes: T-shirts from a very limited run of same, specially designed by Human Head and that evoke the original “developer” shirts from Rune’s release.

      The Competitive Categories

      There are three submission categories, with five prizes in each category:

      • Mapping
      Please submit your very best multiplayer Rune map for consideration. There can be only one map per entrant. The zip file size should be no more than 3mb. The map should be accompanied by any necessary additional documentation (readme.txt) and any necessary support files so that it can be easily accessed and played. The map does not have to be brand-new for the contest; you may submit existing work for consideration.

      However, the map must not have been submitted to any previous mapping contest.

      The maps will be judged on flow and balance, creativity, aesthetic quality and consistency, performance, and the all-important “fun factor.”

      • Fiction
      Have you been inspired by the Rune universe? Either continuing Ragnar's adventure, or introduce other characters of the Viking age? Here is your chance! Send in your stories -- We would love to read them!

      Please submit your very finest literary treatment of Viking lore set in the Rune universe. The work should be no more than thirty pages, and may be a short story or may constitute a chapter in a larger work. Regardless, the submitted writing should stand on its own and encapsulate a story or event. The work should be submitted in English, and there must be only one submission per entrant.

      The work will be judged on creativity and creative use of the Rune characters and their universe. It will also be judged on the quality of the writing itself: command of the language, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and the writer’s personal flair

      • Concept and Illustration
      Please submit your vision of the Rune World and its denizens, both known and as yet undiscovered, in JPG format for consideration. The work will be judged on a number of merits: originality, creativity, execution and aesthetics, style and overall completeness of the effort. There can be only one submission per entrant in this category.

      Concept work will tend toward the visual realization of new characters and environments within the Rune universe.

      Illustrative work will tend toward a narrative or aesthetic expression of characters and environments within the Rune universe.

      Submissions and Moderators

      An individual may make a single submission into no more than two of the three categories as identified above: Fiction, Mapping, and Concept/Illustration. All work submitted for judging must be original.

      In any category, any submission that is determined in Human Head’s sole discretion to have been plagiarized will be removed from consideration.

      The moderators for the contest are Laurie Wise of RuneGame, Phil (Socketboy) Pliuskonis of Rune2, and Ted Halsted of Human Head Studios. Human Head Studios reserves the right to make final decisions on matters relating to the contest and the awarding of prizes.

      Duration of Contest

      The contest will run between March 1st and May 1st. This is the time frame in which you must make your formal submission to the website

      There will then be a ten-day period for voting. The winners will be formally announced on May 15th. The moderators will then collect the addresses of the winners and a brand-new Ragnar T-shirt will be on its way to your mailbox from Human Head Studios.

      The entries will be posted on the Rune 7th Anniversary website and will be voted on there by Rune fans and Human Head staff. Each voter gets to put a vote into each category, for a total of three votes.

      In the case of a tie, an additional T-shirt will be awarded.

      The Vibe

      Just as the Rune game is about competition with a grin, so is this Rune contest. It’s about celebrating people’s creative abilities and a game we love to play. Everyone at Human Head and the Rune community looks forward to seeing all of your creative endeavors!


      These limited-run T-shirts are intended as prizes, and there are currently no plans to sell them on the Human Head Website.


      All submissions become the property of Human Head Studios. Human Head Studios retains the right, but has no obligation, to use any submission, a facsimile of any submission or any derivative of any submission in any upcoming Rune-related video game title or for any purpose whatsoever. Contest participants retain no rights, moral or otherwise, in any contest submission. Any disputes related to the contest shall be resolved by Human Head Studios in their sole discretion, and contest participants agree to be bound by these terms through their act of participation.

      Rune 7th Anniversary Suggestions

      Nov 22, 2007

      From Human Head Studios own Dave and Ted Halsted:

      Dave and I are talking about something to do for the 7th anniversary.
      Any ideas?

      So I am asking you (the Runegame Community), Just what would you like to see done? Umm, well within reason, of course.

      You can add your suggestions in's "General Discussion" Rune 7th Anniversary Suggestions subject thread

      From Human Head Studios' Ted Gerritsen "Tgerr": RUNE 2 Petition/Mass Mailing Effort

      Dec 8, 2005

      From Human Head Studios' own Ted Gerritsen ("Tgerr") who posted this in the So, If We Did Do Rune 2... Thread in Runegame's "Rune for PC&Mac" forum: (all "bold type" are mine...Laurie)

      All I can say is keep the faith.

      Please note that we are not all about any engine, so speculation as to the engine we'd use for any game would be fruitless at this point. The type of game dictates the needs the engine will have to deliver upon. I really think Doom3 or UE3 could do a Rune 2 justice, though both would need some major changes.

      Right now we're concentrating on Prey, though. Our actual history is thus-

      • 1998- Started Rune
      • 2000- Formed small 2nd team to create Blair Witch 2 (mainly because Gathering begged us to and the extra money helped us out when Take2 put the hammer down on the ship date for Rune)
      • October 2000- Shipped Rune and Blair Witch 2 (the Blair Witch 2 team finished one week after the Rune team. I was the only member of both teams and it was a backbreaker, let me tell you).
      • November 2000- Started Rune Halls of Valhalla and Rune Viking Warlord PS2
      • March 2001- Shipped Rune HOV
      • May 2001- Started Prey (on a very limited design scale since we hadn't finalized tech yet)
      • August 2001- Shipped Rune PS2
      • August 2001- Got first drop of Doom3 code, started production, mainly with the Rune team, but some notable Runers headed over to the 'second' team, which was working on prototypes for future games while we worked on the Prey design.
      • March 2002- Started Dead Man's Hand
      • March 2004- Shipped Dead Man's Hand

      Dead Man's Hand was a whole story on to itself. There were a ton of issues with Atari, and we knew months before it shipped that Atari wouldn't fund or support the game to ship it in the state it needed to be shipped in. Having two teams that separated our management resources really didn't play to our strengths. At that point we recombined everyone into one cohesive team and the lessons learned allowed us to kick Prey into high gear.

      At the moment we are really concentrating on Prey We are well aware that if we mess this one up, any hope of a Rune 2 ever will be pretty much be a pipe dream. Therefore we're doing our best to make sure we get it right. We have our fingers crossed that the playing audience will find that our efforts were well worth it. So far so good. Hell, we got to go through the hell of learning next generation content long before anyone else had to, and that alone gives us a huge leg up.

      If you really want a Rune 2, though, you need to tell it to the publishers(!!). We want a Rune 2 some day. We've always said that

      It is the pubs you need to convince. They see a game with a so so meta critic score and a devoted, but smallish audience and sales that were good but not great. Of course you and we know different.

      Rune was a major labor of love, and I believe firmly that anyone who actually plays the game for more than an hour can see that (after the water level and all those crabs in caves, of course...)

      Seriously, though. Make your voices known to the publishers.

      If we say, 'Rune has a truly fantastic following, even now, five years on' they just look at us like "Sure, five people, right?" If we show them forums, they just shrug.

      If this wonderful group of hard core, dedicated fans were to all shout at the publishers, however, that speaks volumes.
      If they know that people are stoked, that Rune really was an overlooked gem, and, most importantly, wallets would open at the sound of Rune II on a shelf, then they would listen.

      Of course it would be bad for me to post where to do that, or to whom here, but of course this is a Public Forum.



      So, Warriors. You heard it from Tgerr and HH. They WANT to make RUNE 2!!
      Now it's up to all of us to spread the word through the Clans, Hordes and to all gamers. Even those who never played the game but love all things "Viking". To Bite the Shield and shout above to the Publishers!. To prove it is worth the Danegeld to any prospective publisher to back Human Head Studios's efforts to make Rune 2.

      In the meantime, an "Offical Petition" has been created and the thread "stuck" for Rune Warriors to view, sign and pass around.
      Go scrawl your staves onto it. Show your love, dedication and willingness to open your wallets to see Rune 2 made!

      Also the idea of a "Mass Email Campaign" to prospective publishers has been brought up. Just go to the link below to read what others have done and say!

      · Tgerr: "Rune 2" & Petition/Mass Email

      Update: Since this was written, Human Head Studios finished PREY for 3DRealms and it was released in June 2006.